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Next week, Kablamo will be attending the AWS Re:Invent conference for the first time, in Las Vegas. It's a momentous occasion for us. We are now officially an AWS Advanced Tier Partner - a status shared by only a handful of providers in Sydney, Australia.

Next week, Kablamo will be attending the AWS Re:Invent conference for the first time, in Las Vegas. It’s a momentous occasion for us. We are now officially an AWS Advanced Tier Partner - a status shared by only a handful of consultancy and service providers in Sydney, Australia.

Welcome Drinks at Re:Invent - Monday 27th November Kablamo is co-sponsoring an opening night celebration, with welcome drinks for Australia and New Zealand clients. From 6pm on Monday 27th November, we will be at Top-Golf at the MGM Grand, for a great evening of golfing, drinking, and swimming (potentially)… to ease us into the week.

We’re taking a significant Kablamo contingency with us - 11 of the team in total. Our attending team represents a cross-section of the skills in our business that are applied to AWS and cloud-focused projects:-

Meet the Team

ALLAN WADDELL - CEO Passionate Agile practitioner, technology strategist, and self-professed technology geek!

LUCY WILKINSON - GENERAL MANAGER Natural people leader, chief organiser and maker of much fun. Lucy ensures our business hums, and our clients and people are happy.

TOM GIORDMAINA - SYDNEY & QA LEAD Tom knows QA strategy (automated and manual practices required to gain value). He also has great experience leading digital and cloud programs.

MIRIAM ROMANIUK - MELBOURNE & AGILE LEAD Miriam is a hard-core delivery-oriented leader, who loves a challenge. She cuts through the noise to deliver. She’s worked across large-scale, enterprise cloud and digital programs.

MARLEY VENEROSA - CLOUD DISCIPLINE LEAD Marley has deep cloud security knowledge, is a much loved people leader and enjoys a challenging conversation about anything cloud and security related. You’ve been warned!

ROB AMOS - DEVOPS ENGINEER Rob loves mobile application development, along with cloud tooling. Rob is one of the well-known faces around the tech space in Melbourne.

JOSH WALES - DEVOPS ENGINEER GoLang aficionado, Josh has led some really cool, large video on demand platform builds.

LIAM DIXON - CLOUD DISCIPLINE LEAD Liam has a deep networking capability matched by few. He loves cloud automation engineering and is an absolute stickler for practical, high quality and valuable solutions.

BEN BOYTER - DEVOPS ENGINEER Creator of ‘Search Code,’ lover of all code, and fluent in everything from Python and GoLang to Rust and Haskell

IAN MCKAY - DEVOPS ENGINEER Incredibly eager, and a fast learner. Ian loves the latest wave of new tech, with a passion for machine learning and AI.

DAVE WALES - DEVOPS ENGINEER Big fan of Golang, serverless architecture and building truly performant databases. Dave recently built the billing and account back-end for a major video-on-demand platform.

Why We’re Excited There are many reasons we’re attending AWS, but the team is particularly excited about the following:

  • Keynote speakers – being the first to hear about new AWS products and features. In previous years, the key notes have been amazing!
  • Machine learning – all of it!
  • Image recognition
  • Self-driving cars
  • Kubernetes/serverless talks
  • Seeing who the ‘mystery’ gig is
  • Experiencing the vibe of a 40,000-attendee event

Being Healthy and Fit As well as all the learning and socialising, some of us will also be participating in the healthier and fitter side of the event… There will be an athletic competition series daily. Allan Waddell and Tom Giordmaina, in particular, will be competing in the 5K race, spin challenge, and boot camp (phew). Neither of them are particularly good athletes, so if you’d like to see the embodiment of ’sorry’, come on down, it will be a laugh!

Kablamo “STUFF” In the spirit of brand awareness, we’ll be bringing a whole load of Kablamo merchandise with us to share out - T Shirts, Lanyards, Pins and Stickers. Grab some SWAG!

Kablamo+SWAG KABLAMO Swag!

__The Next Instalment __ We look forward to seeing you there! And if we don’t, we’ll be happy to share our learnings, amazing experience and news from the event.

Watch this space…



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