PODCAST: Allan on Walk the Tech Talk

Kablamo's Allan Waddell recently appeared on industry podcast Walk the Tech Talk.  He was grateful for the opportunity and was especially grateful that the host, Harvey Nash's Anna Frazzetto, was just as interested in tackling some of the biggest ideas in tech as he was.  Here's the blurb from the show and audio below.  Enjoy!  If the button below doesn't work, please click here.

On this episode of Walk The Tech Talk, Anna interviews Allan Waddell, Founder of Kablamo, a human-centered, cloud-based software to make efficient end-to-end use of the cloud. Anna and Allan discuss how AI is becoming a key factor in digital transformation and break down what AI initiatives are having an impact and what are just hype. Allan also discusses the main drivers pushing businesses towards AI, his thoughts on AI actually affecting jobs, how AI, machine learning and neural networks all fit together and so much more. Join Anna and learn from the strategies and accomplishments of this episode’s tech trailblazer.