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One of our Kablamites literally wrote the book on building and implementing neural networks using Go.

Our people are amazing. One of our Kablamites literally wrote the book on building and implementing neural networks using Go. If you’d like to learn more, check out Darrel Chua’s book here.

Go Deep Learning

Gareth Seneque Gareth Seneque is a machine learning engineer with 11 years’ experience of building and deploying systems at scale in the finance and media industries. He became interested in deep learning in 2014 and is currently building a search platform within his organisation, using neuro-linguistic programming and other machine learning techniques to generate content metadata and drive recommendations. He has contributed to a number of open source projects, including CoREBench and Gorgonia. He also has extensive experience with modern DevOps practices, using AWS, Docker, and Kubernetes to effectively distribute the processing of machine learning workloads.

Darrell Chua Darrell Chua is a senior data scientist with more than 10 years’ experience. He has developed models of varying complexity, from building credit scorecards with logistic regression to creating image classification models for trading cards. He has spent the majority of his time working with in fintech companies, trying to bring machine learning technologies into the world of finance. He has been programming in Go for several years and has been working on deep learning models for even longer. Among his achievements is the creation of numerous business intelligence and data science pipelines that enable the delivery of a top-of-the-line automated underwriting system, producing near-instant approval decisions.


Kate Stevenson

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