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Members of the Kablamo team have many super powers outside of the digital world. One Kablamite has a secret identity as an artist and song writer

Ludo is one of our passionate product designers who continually comes up with innovative designs and solutions for our customers. Now, he has shown us that he can also compose music and create music videos. A mean feat when also working from home with two young kids. He truly optimises our values of “Make with Heart and Mind”!

Ludo’s newest song is a countdown to freedom. Free ft. Fanily (the Day I’m Going Out) looks forward to when this whole virus ordeal is over. It is currently released on all platforms.

As a creative person (who has been producing music for more than 20 years) it was natural for Ludo to create something for the healthcare workers who are helping people fight COVID-19. The idea of making an electro-pop tribute came to Ludo while he was running. Whilst listening to an electronic beat with a choral chorus, he realised he wanted to create a song with positive energy, instead of the sad or reflective tone that we somewhat associate with this current time.

Ludo started working on the beat during in April, matching the release date to coincide with the lifting of many lockdown requirements in Australia and other countries such as France (where Ludo hails form). For the lyrics and the main tune, he wanted them to be catchy and memorable so that it could take on the role of an anthem - the COVID-19 anthem!

It has been a true family affair in the making of the music video and the vocals. Ludo’s partner, Fanily, provided the lead vocals, while he, friends and family formed the choir for the chorus.

Nurses holding signs

And as for the clip (which we think looks amazing), its photo-story style was made with a LOT of photos. Some were treated with a bit of photo editing and then put through a filter from a mobile app to make the images appear as a comic-book illustration. Ludo’s artist name is Deg’N pronounced ‘degaine’, which is a french word meaning unusual look/appearance.

There’s a few hidden gems that he put in for us to find. Can you spot the Kablamo bolt?

To follow Deg’N and listen to his music, here are a few sites:



Spotify Artist page https://open.spotify.com/artist/3dWmb

Free on Apple Music https://music.apple.com/au/album/free…



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