15.06.2021 - Kablamo


We’re excited to announce Kablamo has won the 2021 AWS Global Public Sector Partners Award for Most Innovative AI and ML solution. The award recognises our work with the Department of Environment Land and Water (DELWP) Victoria in developing a fully scalable, future-proof, and cost effective cloud platform for performing bushfire risk assessments.

The win is an exciting acknowledgement of the work the Kablamo team is doing to spark a much-needed tech revolution in Australia’s approach to preventing and managing bushfires.

Allan Waddell, Co-CEO and founder of Kablamo, said: “Waking up to news like this has left me stunned, global recognition for any Australian company is a big deal to me. This is a special moment and another crazy big step for Kablamo. Proud of the team, proud of all the hard work.”

Sandy Carter, Vice President of AWS Worldwide Public Sector Partners and Programs said the 2021 award winners, including Kablamo, are “essential in driving innovation, accelerating digital transformation, and delivering results for our AWS customers… and in helping public sector customers achieve their mission.”

Alongside our fellow award winners, Kablamo will be recognised at the virtual launch of the 2021 AWS Global Public Sector Partners Awards on June 30, 2021 at 12:00 PM ET — it will be streamed live, and on-demand after the event from https://aws.events.cube365.net/pub-sec/2021-partner-awards



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