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Digital product development and data company Kablamo launches in Canada following the demand for its financial expertise.

Thanks iTWire (Kenn Anthony Mendoza) for covering this next exciting phase in Kablamo’s growth.

We’re grateful to see the North American demand for what we have learned in Australia, and we’re looking forward to deepening that knowledge and culture to benefit everyone we work with anywhere in the world.

“The Waterloo region is widely considered one of the fastest, if not, the fastest growing tech hubs in North America. It’s the right fit for our culture and we believe we’ll be bringing fresh learnings around digital product development, DevOps and agile while simultaneously being exposed to different approaches that work in this geography,” says Kablamo founder and co-CEO Allan Waddell.

Kablamo develops cloud native digital products and intelligent data platforms across fintech, media, and emergency services. It has launched a bank, expanded an online mortgage broker’s AWS capabilities and addressed its skills gap, and modernised National Broadcaster’s archives with content that has been processed or downloaded more than two billion times.

“Canadian firms are looking for similar responses to their needs and challenges,” says Kablamo Canada lead Tobias Dyhrberg.

“The decision to launch in Canada is testament to the technology industry in Ontario and the strong demand for the kind of AI, cloud native software development and data management solutions that the team develops.”

Kablamo will hire Canadians while working with engineers based in Australia. According to Dyhrberg, this approach will take advantage of Canada’s strong tech culture.

“We build beautiful end-to-end products with cross-functional teams,” says Dyhrberg.

“We’re focused on doing agile product development in the enterprise, and tackle enterprise challenges with our own designers and our own engineers. This approach is relatively rare for enterprise customers and we have seen a strong demand for it in Canada.”

Dyhrberg says enterprises and government organisations are not only seeking new digital products but a competent workforce since finding tech talent is difficult in a constrained market.

“We’ve got a track record of cultivating a digitally native culture in companies that don’t historically have that. The way our designers and engineers interact and work alongside our customers makes an impact long after we’ve completed the project and left,” Dyhrberg says.

“We hire based on culture. We know when we go out to customers our difference has been our ability to share our culture and get teams engaged and curious,” Waddell concludes.

You can check out the full article here > https://itwire.com/it-industry-news/development/kablamo-expands-in-canada.html

Kenn Anthony Mendoza Published 3rd February 2022 - IT Wire


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