18.05.2022 - Ausbiz


On the back of Allan's amazing efforts as part of the Black Dog Institute CEO Skydive, he caught up with Ausbiz to discuss how businesses can be a mental health ally

As many businesses return to routine, mental health has become more prominent; Kablamo’s Allan Waddell, who recently participated in the Black Dog Institute’s CEO Skydive, is one company leader who is passionate about the subject. He claims that discussing mental health in the workplace is still taboo, and that when it is, it is typically associated with humiliation. The COVID pandemic, on the other hand, has focused a spotlight on mental illness in the workplace, with increasing pressures from protracted COVID, personal financial problems, and new patterns of remote working all contributing.

So, what can a company do to establish a conducive climate for these discussions? In Allan’s view, It boils down to developing confidence in the team through setting values and guidiance. Employees, especially those who are exhibiting indications of mental illness for the first time, will feel much more supported in the workplace if they get ahead of the game and create support networks ahead of time.

Watch the full interview here > https://www.ausbiz.com.au/media/how-businesses-can-be-a-mental-health-ally?videoId=21446





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