user experience

What is one simple thing you can do to improve UX?

Watch Allan Waddell, co-CEO of Kablamo, and Victoria Adams, Kablamo’s UX/UI Lead, tackle a thorny UX issue that comes up again and again, but is there to be solved. And Freddy, the Dev Ops dog, makes a special appearance.

If I were to pick one thing, in order to improve user experience that I've seen done, is honestly involving the user. User experience it's in the name but I see it time and time again that the user is left out of the table that's being discussed. We talk about features, we talk about what's in scope, what's out of scope and the user's voice is left behind. So even if they can't be at the table, having that research in the user experience person so that they can be that voice.
Isn't that ironic? The user experience the user is left out.
Yeah, that's often the case. I think--I don't think it's--sorry. It's Freddy. 
Um. Yeah. I can't take anything seriously with him sitting on my lap. I'm sorry but like it's--
It's a 'blamo dog.
Yeah, it's a DevOps dog. I think uh ... yeah, in user experience the number one thing that doesn't happen is users gets involved and I think it's not necessarily the fault of the customers that are doing it. It takes experience to know how to engage customers in the right way. It's not as simple as just putting a wire frame in front of a bunch of people and getting a result. You have to know what your tests are for. You have to know what hypotheses you're validating, specifically and you have to get those answers and be able to, be able to measure that in the right way and then understand those results. It's like saying the difference between data and information. You get a whole bunch of data back but it doesn't really mean what you think it means unless you thought about that preemptively. That's what Freddy thinks anyway. (laughs)