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It’s lean times for employment certainty – and while many will find solace in the government’s JobKeeper program, others will see the pandemic as an inflection point to take their skills back to market – or change careers altogether.

Angus Dorney


Last week in Australia, we witnessed a spectacular and public implosion of company values from one of the most popular banks.

Tim Elson


There’s an ‘us and them’ mentality between software engineering and data science.



Kablamo’s co-CEO Angus Dorney was interviewed by Dynamic Business about maintaining culture when you’re under the gun as a business. Here are his thoughts

Angus Dorney


In business leadership, the conventional wisdom is that one person should be the driving force. Any alternative leadership structure typically is met with eyebrows raised high. As a co-chief executive, it’s the reaction I was expecting...

Allan Waddell


The great promise of artificial intelligence is efficiency.

Angus Dorney


One year ago, I made the biggest move of my career and joined Kablamo as co-CEO.

Angus Dorney


Sometimes being a high performer in an industry with a bad reputation can be a burden due to what I call Customer Stockholm Syndrome.

Kate Stevenson


...when everyone says it's impossible. Kablamo is a small but fast-growing cloud application development business and, so far, we seem to have a good formula for attracting and retaining really great technical talent



It’s said to be lonely at the top when running a business, but as this business owner explains, appointing a co-CEO can be a beneficial way of positioning the company, and oneself, for growth.

Angus Dorney


Today, I join a special group of people who are creating a truly amazing company.

Allan Waddell


Our growth hack is built entirely around people. In order to scale a business quickly, we believe you have to create a foundation that is fully human.

Allan Waddell


I’m sharing some of the techniques we use, that drive consistent Agile delivery. These articles are not intended to be exhaustive, rather an introduction to the theories and concepts we apply day to day.

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