Bricks to Bytes: Building a digital future

The Problem

After almost 70 years developing, financing and managing residential and commercial infrastructure around the world, it was time to disrupt traditional business and build new data-driven revenue streams.

Like many large enterprises, this infrastructure group possessed petabytes of data stored in various places, and the organisation saw an opportunity to generate more value from its data trove. With access to almost limitless data sets from current property assets, such as designs, costings, security cameras, elevators, air conditioners and more - together with external data measuring air pollution, traffic, weather and more - the potential insights waiting to be discovered were untold. These insights would not only lead to more efficient use of its current property assets, but also pave the way for new digital products, revenue streams, and business units.

The corporation needed a secure and highly scalable cloud data platform. Security, governance, and compliance requirements were critical, as the group manages multiple government and high-security facilities.

Additionally, there was a challenging amount of project data in a print or PDF form. While the PDF’s were consistent, the volume of documentation meant manual conversion was not possible.

Our Approach

In order to make their vision a reality, the organisation turned to Kablamo to provide cloud product development, machine learning and data expertise. Kablamo deployed an onsite, cross-functional agile team to work alongside the business to help uncover requirements and features they would need to fully access and utilise the data.

Kablamo guided them on their cloud digital strategy, including authentication, security and deployment. Within weeks, Kablamo’s on-site team had designed and delivered an AWS cloud data lake engineered to ingest petabytes of data from thousands of real-time data feeds. The platform used event-driven, serverless workloads to enable infinite and automated scalability while also delivering robust security and governance postures. Additionally, Kablamo built a custom user interface and data catalogue to bring the new data platform to life.

With over 70 years of documentation that could provide valuable insights locked away in print or PDF form, Kablamo initiated the use of AWS Textract. AWS Textract, which allows text and data to be automatically extracted from documents, enabled the significant number of tables, forms and plans to become useful data, adding to the trove of predictive information.

Lake superior
Hyper-scalable data lake ingests thousands of real-time feeds.
Ideation & Insights
Data scientists uncover insights to drive future product development.
Requirement Recon
‘Drop-in’ squad lead iterative design and Agile development.

The Results

The new intelligent data platform allows the business to create a new data lake in just minutes, rather than several weeks. The platform also supports multi-tenancy and provides flexibility for future integrations. This means endless possibilities for how the organisation can capture, transform and utilise their data for the future. Kablamo’s digital product development and data science team workshopped future products and analysed segments of data to uncover potential insights.

Together, they started to build out their digital product future, all based on the intelligent cloud data platform, running in AWS. Along the way, Kablamo worked with the company’s internal digital teams to help them build the capabilities and skills that they would need to thrive in a digital future, ensuring results in both the immediate and longer term.

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