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Kablamo’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution is a AWS cloud-native platform that can be used to store, catalogue, meta tag and search digital assets of any scale. Kablamo DAM extracts metadata from media files through state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence, enriching meta-data, such as audio-to-text transcriptions and object recognition. The intuitive experience also allows for easy search and discovery of the gems hidden in your digital assets, with further processing and presentation tools.

Cloud Native

Kablamo DAM provides limitless scalability, high levels of automation and native integration with cutting edge AWS cloud capabilities, such as AI/ML.
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Legacy DAMs take months and years to configure and implement. Kablamo DAM delivers value to your customers quickly, with implementation measured in days and weeks.
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Kablamo DAM is built to be very flexible, and rapidly developed upon, by using common market skills. Extending functionality and workflows is fast and cost-effective.
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Kablamo DAM is built with expansion and integration as a primary feature. Adapt the newest cloud technologies, or integrate 3rd party data sources.
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