About You

At Kablamo, “We Make with Heart and Mind”. You are a maker. You love to help development teams reach their full potential almost as much as you love automation. You are not faint hearted. In fact, you thrive in the face of challenge. You work hard but not so hard that you forget to celebrate success.

As a team member you are humble and selfless, but you are not afraid to have your opinion heard. When faced with ambiguity and complexity, you think outside the box to provide solutions rather than provide reasons to not. You like exploring ideas and iterating on the path to success. You embrace change.

As a craftsperson, you are obsessed with automation. Anything that can be automated - is.

You understand the benefits of testing and well thought out solutions to ensure clients are left satisfied and wanting more.

From a career perspective, you have a demonstrated track record of working in/or alongside cross functional agile teams to deliver complex technical projects at scale.

The Role

Kablamo is a new generation of cloud technology vendor working at the forefront of distributed, highly scaled application development. We work with many of Australia’s largest businesses, including media companies, major banks and software companies. We are experts at the many disciplines required to develop new digital products which make end-to- end use of the cloud. We help clients build bespoke cloud-based systems, and to implement the practices, knowledge and tools to do so time and again. We help our customers to build their competitive advantage by harnessing the power of technology to drive real change in their business and for their end customers.

Our DevOps Engineers work at the bleeding edge of what is possible. They are passionate about delivering high quality results through continuous integration and continuous delivery.

They understand the limitless possibilities of the cloud but have their heads in them – they understand business value.

Our DevOps Engineers are curious by nature and love exploring the latest cloud technologies. They have no greater satisfaction than being able to build secure, robust and automated CI/CD platforms for clients so they can truly embrace the cloud within their business.


  • Build secure and well orchestrated automated cloud platforms

  • Meaningful and active contribution to the project team(s)

  • Follow and contribute to Kablamo’s DevOps methodology and processes

  • Consistently demonstrate and advocate Kablamo’s values

Required skills and experience:

  • Strong cloud skills across the entire AWS platform, such as VPC, EC2, Route53, IAM, STS, RDS, etc.

  • Exceptional cross-platform Systems administration skills

  • Strong skills in writing for configuration management (Puppet, Chef, Ansible)

  • Strong coding/scripting skills in languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, Java, Python, Golang

  • Experience with CloudFormation and writing opinionated stacks

  • Solid experiencing with Docker clustering and management

  • Experience with CI/CD tools such as TeamCity, Bamboo, GoCD, Concourse CI and

  • automated deployments

  • Strong skills in implementing CDN/DDoS/WAF with Akamai & Amazon

  • Strong skill sets in Web and API development and architectures (Event Driven, SOA,

  • Microservices)

  • Demonstrable experience in cloud migration and delivery exposure

  • Solid understanding of TCP/IP, networking and routing protocols

  • Experience with Git including merging, rebasing and pull-request branch strategy

Desirable skills and experience:

  • Experience with AWS BI & ETL application stack

  • Understanding TCP/IP and experiencing running/building physical and logical networks with a strong understanding of dynamic routing (BGP/OSPF)

Kablamo’s Culture

Kablamo is a proud equal opportunity employer. We acknowledge a workplace that is diverse and inclusive, enables for greater innovation and produces benefits including improved performance, improved employee happiness and wellbeing, and superior outcomes for our customers. We attribute our success to all our unique and charismatic Kablamites. Through our fortnightly back to base and our debate Thunderdome’s, we enable our Kablamites to provide feedback, share ideas, challenge the status quo and technically challenge each other constructively.

The PERKS!!!

Our Kablamites are constantly looking to evolve professionally, so to support you on that journey, each Kablamite receives a professional development allowance along with paid time off to attend courses, conferences, and workshops. Other perks include; an online perks and rewards platform full of discounts and freebies, group birthday brekkies, an extra day of annual leave, blogging rewards, a paid parental leave policy and much, much more!

If this sounds like you, please submit your CV and accompanying cover letter to addressing the criteria below. Please also include your best contact details.