About You

At Kablamo, “We Make with Heart and Mind”. You are a maker. You love to bring together amazing people and technology to deliver exceptional outcomes. You are not faint hearted. In fact, you thrive in the face of challenge. You work hard but not so hard that you forget to celebrate success. You are a leader who rolls up your sleeves and leads by example. You hold your team accountable for high performance and you deliver the same in return. You believe in servant leadership.

As a leader, you are humble and selfless but you are not afraid to have your opinion heard. When faced with ambiguity and complexity, you guide teams to find a path forward and to create solutions. You like exploring ideas and iterating on the path to success. You are a champion of change.

As a craftsperson, you are both passionate and brave. You love to push the boundaries of what is possible to achieve with technology and to redefine “normal”. You seek discovery. You are curious to expand your own knowledge and to share what you know. You revel in the journey of growth and discovery with team mates and customers. 

From a career perspective, you have demonstrated track record of building and leading high performance teams and projects in cloud software development. You are also a technology thought leader who shares ideas and knowledge through talks, blogs, social media and events. Finally, you think creatively and constructively about how to build a better Enterprise IT partner and how cloud can transform all businesses, including our own.

The Role

Kablamo is a new generation of cloud technology vendor working at the forefront of distributed, highly scaled application development. We work with many of Australia’s largest businesses, including media companies, major banks and software companies. We are experts at the many disciplines required to develop new digital products which make end-to-end use of the cloud. We help clients build bespoke cloud-based systems, and to implement the practices, knowledge and tools to do so time and again. We help our customers to build their competitive advantage by harnessing the power of technology to drive real change in their business and for their end customers. 

Our Technical Leads are the engineering thought leaders for Kablamo and they set the standard for technical excellence in our organization. They are also leaders in the way they behave, how they mobilize and lead teams and the way they coach team mates and customers. We expect our Technical Leads to have at least one area of ultimate specialty – Software Engineering, DevOps, DevSecOps and/or Data. Yet we expect our Tech Leads to have some knowledge and understanding across all these areas, and how they fit together to build great software and products.

Technical Leads fulfil several critical functions for Kablamo. Firstly, Technical Leads are accountable for the technical architecture and solution designs for Kablamo’s customers. Building successful business applications with the cloud is fundamentally different from past practice and requires new thinking. Kablamo is unique in our ability to bring together the required skills via efficient, small, highly-skilled and adaptable teams (“Innovation Squads”). Technical Leads play a key leadership role in the Innovation Squads that Kablamo assembles to fulfil each customer engagement. Leads not only guide the technical decision making on these customer engagements, they also guide the process of software/solution/product development and they are accountable for technical outcomes. They are a point of escalation for Kablamites and customers.

Secondly, Technical Leads are part of Kablamo’s extended leadership group. The leadership group is responsible for the strategic direction of Kablamo, for attracting and retaining the best talent in our industry and for guiding our journey to greatness.

Thirdly, Technical Leads are expected to pursue a dual-track journey of building both their own, and Kablamo’s, brand and market awareness through their thought leadership. We pride ourselves on having the sharpest thinkers in the cloud industry and we are recognized as such by customers and partners, including AWS. We believe in sharing our knowledge and in creating unique positions of thought leadership, in areas such as cloud, culture and Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, we give back to the technical community through our involvement and leadership in open source projects. 

Finally, Technical Leads are required to mentor and coach both fellow Kablamites (that’s what we call ourselves) and our customers. As part of Kablamo’s commitment to discovery and growth, we believe in developing all our team members and our customers to their best potential. Our Leads are the living and breathing role models for our less experienced engineers, all of whom are thirsty for knowledge and growth!


  • Overarching responsibility for Kablamo’s Application, DevOps, Data and/or DevSecOps discipline(s)

  • Internal-Focus

    • Internal thought leadership and expertise around Kablamo application/solution architecture, leading application development standards “the Kablamo way

    • Contribute to Kablamo’s full-stack enterprise architecture practises

    • Contribute to Kablamo’s internal product development projects

    • Follow and contribute to Kablamo’s agile methodology and processes

  • Client-Focus

    • Develop and deliver application architecture thought leadership and subject matter expertise for Kablamo clientele

    • Provide technical expertise and solutions in a pre-sales and consulting capacity, as required

    • Hands-on execution of solution delivery at a Principal / Discipline Lead level across multiple Kablamo client accounts

    • Work with Kablamo strategic partners (especially AWS) to understand and implement bleeding edge solutions and partner best practices

  • People Leadership

    • Provide vision and direction to the team, leading engineers across multiple disciplines - full-stack, front-end, devops and mobile

    • Provide mentoring and coaching to the team to drive high performance and consistently deliver desired outcomes

    • Enable the technical career path of our engineers

    • Drive the expansion of Kablamo technical team, including skill diversification, experience levels, team structure, hiring process (including technical interviews) and performance reviews

  • Kablamo Leadership

    • Contribute to building a maintaining and high-performance leadership team for Kablamo

    • Bringing ideas and opinions on where we should take the business

    • Genuinely caring about our people and customers 

  • Consistently demonstrate and advocate Kablamo’s values

Required Skills and Experience

  • 10+ years’ experience in Software Engineering, DevOps, DevSecOps and/or Data Engineering

  • 5+ years leading application and/or product development teams

  • 4+ years working within cloud-based environments

  • Advanced application architecture and development / engineering capability

  • Advanced understanding of practical Micro-service, SOA, Mobile and Cloud patterns and practices

  • Advanced understanding of agile practices including, but not limited to; Code versioning, CI/CD/CD, Automated quality practices

  • Advanced understanding of application development security best practice

  • Advanced level in one or more languages including, but not limited to: Java, .Net, Go, Node, React (.js/native), Angular

  • Experience in leading and empowering highly talented and opinionated technical teams

  • Able to effectively communicate to internal and client stakeholders, including client CxO, and across client hierarchies.

  • Proven experience with Agile AWS deployments and automation

  • Strong mentoring and leadership qualities

  • Strong communication, presentation and relationship-building skills.

  • Outstanding team player – checks ego in at the door and plays full out for the team

  • Desire to work in fast-growing, agile business and to handle the ambiguity that comes with tech scale up company

  • Decision making ability – backs judgment to make good decisions and to learn from mistakes

  • Self-motivated and resourceful. Able to deal with ambiguity, set own goals and working toward them

  • Deep understanding of AWS cloud platform


Desirable Skills and Experience      

  • AWS Professional Level Certification

  • Track record of public knowledge sharing and thought leadership via industry or social media channels

  • Proven experience working with senior level CxO corporate clients

  • Experience with multiple cloud platforms: Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba.

  • Experience in one or more platforms including: AEM (and associated Marketing Suite), Salesforce (and associated Marketing Suite), Sitecore, SAP


Future Roles / Career Progression

  • Chief Technology/Information Officer

  • Principal/Chief Architect

  • Head of Engineering (Manager of Leads)