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The Problem

Previously the EMC had relied on platforms like WordPress to build custom branded pages for livestream events, but this legacy system was manually time-consuming creating more problems than it solved. With scalability a key concern, the EMC approached Kablamo to develop a customer-facing platform that would allow their customers to login, create and customise their event pages and livestream feeds in a user-friendly ecosystem.

With customers who are large organisations operating in industries as diverse as technology, launch and activation, education and government sectors, we needed an agile approach and a broad spectrum of understanding to create a solution for this market-leading platform.

The Approach

Starting with the discovery phase, we clarified the key design and technology specs that would underpin the platform’s development, focusing on delivering the maximum high-value features in the shortest period of time.

To achieve this, we worked with the EMC and end users across a series of workshops – including customer journey, feature prioritisation and lean service blueprinting. The insights derived here helped us establish a clear framework of what would provide the greatest impact for all parties.

Kablamo designed and built the scalable and fast platform using only serverless AWS technologies. A react app hosted in S3 and fronted by AWS Cloudfront, makes requests to API Gateway endpoints backed by AWS Lambda functions.One of the most significant decisions was to integrate Vimeo’s live stream API into the platform, rather than building one from scratch. This significantly reduced development time and allowed us to leverage the player’s free features, such as RTMP stream keys and embedded chat.

The Results

Kablamo worked closely with the EMC to ensure the platform would be delivered to specifications, on time and on budget. Much of this project’s success came down to communication.

Despite its fast-paced nature, both teams communicated effectively and overcame challenges as committed project partners. Kablamo’s depth of expertise and experience in delivering high-quality software solutions also gave the client peace of mind that they would achieve all their initial objectives and receive a best-in-class solution.

Today, the platform is providing live stream customers with greater engagement and customisation capabilities than they have ever had access to. The EMC is now well positioned in an increasingly competitive space and better equipped to scale and meet the demands of its rapidly growing customer base. The Kablamo team has continued to work with the EMC team via the Product Care services, whereby Kablamo provided ongoing operational and development support.

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