Frankly, my dear, we've got a better DAM

The Story

The journey began in 2018. At Kablamo, we were observing ongoing customer frustration with existing Digital Asset Management (DAM) software offerings. These frustrations with regular DAMs are common across most legacy platforms and include: large up-front licenses costs, overselling of basic features, inflexible storage solutions and “feature-waste”.

“Beware the Do-Everything DAM” became our motto. So Kablamo committed to developing something better: we decided to build our own, simple to understand and easy to use solution.

Underpinned by AWS cloud, and built using Kablamo’s expertise in media data, Kablamo’s DAM is a highly customisable, modular cloud-based Digital Asset Management platform. The pre-built software platform enables Kablamo to accelerate the time to market and to reduce costs for our customers’ digital product development journeys.

The Result

Kablamo designed, developed and built a software product, which utilises Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver an advanced, truly modular cloud-based DAM solution. As we built it from the ground up, we could include all the components that are lacking from other DAM solutions. The Kablamo DAM is built to embrace change: it is quick to customise, easy to support and it can be extended for new features and workflows effortlessly.

The Kablamo DAM can store multiple types of media, in sizes up to 5tb, with enriched meta-information sourced from both internal and external locations. Media types can include existing asset archives, existing DAMS, physical storage and systems, or content imported directly through APIs. We have built the platform with enterprise-grade requirements in mind.

We’ve improved DAMs by adding versatility, useability, and accessibility
Your data is secure, supported and protected
Making everything easier and customised to your needs


Security & Governance: Implemented with financial regulatory approved security and built around a core of role-based access and privileges. Roles and access rights are configured during the POV stages, or early project phases based on customer specification.

Integrity and data redundancy: Cloud storage is designed to sustain concurrent device failures by quickly detecting and repairing any lost redundancy, and they also regularly verify the integrity of data using checksums.

Content Administration, User Experience and Interface: Built to embrace-change, the user experience is streamlined down to the set of use cases most used for your users, with no distractions. Kablamo DAM offers visual customisations for logos, colours and fonts throughout.

Support: Cloud application support and ongoing development is made easy with a simple, monthly subscription model. Kablamo makes available flexible models that can be curated to your needs. We have experienced, talented, dedicated engineers and product owners waiting to assist you.


AWS Cloud Native Solution: Using the best tools for the job is key to building a flexible and stable DAM platform. AWS is the chosen base plate, as it provides the greatest breadth and maturity in its cloud offering. Modern cloud application development principles allow greater adaptability as new cloud service offerings become available, and effective pricing that continually decreases.

Machine Learning: The Kablamo DAM consumes the latest in cloud artificial intelligence and machine learning services, including those offered by AWS. These services include AWS Rekognition for object and face detection, AWS Transcribe for speech to text and AWS Comprehend for sentiment analysis.

APIs: The Kablamo DAM is built to consume data and be plugged into your existing platforms and services via a concise set of easy-to-understand cloud-based and secure API endpoints.

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