Earth Moving Migration

The Problem

A global mining services and supplier had chosen to end an existing hosting contract and were now facing an urgent deadline to migrate business critical applications and exit from their data centre. The company needed a cloud hosting platform that offered resiliency, scalability and a lower cost base. Their challenge was to successfully, and quickly, perform the migration while avoiding business downtime or risking the loss of any data.

To ensure their first workload migration to AWS went smoothly within the short timeframe, Kablamo came onboard to set up an operational environment on AWS and guide the client with the migration. Kablamo would also provide the key training and documentation that would allow the client’s operations team to manage and grow this new cloud environment on their own.

Our Approach

After an analysis of the client’s computing infrastructure and business needs, Kablamo suggested AWS Server Migration as a suitable tool to transfer their VMs into the cloud. From there, Kablamo developed a detailed plan on the migration timeline, employing native AWS tools such as CloudFormation, CodeCommit and CodeBuild for automating both migration and management pathways for the organisation. Simultaneously, Kablamo was involved in resolving the challenge of providing a fast and reliable link from the client’s data centres into AWS, enabling the migration to adhere to the tight time frame.

Kablamo established an Agile framework for the migration process, involving team members from both Kablamo and the client, working side by side. This allowed for a smooth implementation of the deployment plan, whilst also enabling the up-skilling of client staff to utilise the new system. Key documentation on the migration, maintenance and monitoring operations in the AWS environment were prepared and handed over to the client at the end of the project.

Guidance, training and documentation to ensure success
Building a cloud-based system ready for global collaboration
Quick Migration
Achieving goals on a demanding time-frame

The Results

This global organisation’s first data centre migration into AWS was completed on time (9 weeks), within budget and exactly to scope. Not only did this enable the client to exit their legacy data centre within the necessary timeline, the project set them up to move other global data centres into AWS. The client had a well-governed, best-practice AWS environment, strong network design and connectivity, repeatable frameworks and valuable internal experience to equip them for future cloud migrations. For example, Kablamo developed an automated backup solution, performing incremental rotating backups for all attached EBS volumes on a regular schedule.

Kablamo worked on-site with the mining supplier’s team in Melbourne and shared deep AWS cloud, automation and network experience, combined with Agile ways of working. By working in close collaboration and sharing critical knowledge with the client and its stakeholders, Kablamo ensured both the project’s success and established a strong, cloud-centric future for the company.

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