Levelling Up on User Experience

The Problem

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. It is miHoYo’s first ever open-world game.

The Paimon character in the game enhances the player’s experience by educating and sharing information with the player. Kablamo were asked to update and improve the Paimon character extension on Twitch, the video live streaming service. The Paimon extension sought to enrich the viewer’s experience and deliver fun and value-adding services and exclusive reward content to the viewers while their streamers are playing Genshin Impact.

The solution needed to reflect the Genshin Impact visual experience and be designed using brand themes, UI and characters.

Our Approach

Kablamo worked with the Brand Partnership Studio to design and build the bespoke extension including the cloud infrastructure and tooling, security, API interfaces, authentication, and data design to support thousands of concurrent players.

We led an ideation workshop to define the game direction. Within the first sprint, rapid user journey wireframing was completed along with the first round of high-fidelity prototyping for both desktop and mobile.

The Kablamo team designed and developed the data solution using AWS DynamoDB, and API’s using AWS Lambda. The frontend engineers built the game using web-based technologies including Pixi JS, React, Typescript and Storybook. Kablamo created an overlay extension with in-stream games involving Paimon and Slimes.

Interactive Fun
Our extension features in-stream games and exclusive rewards to enhance the viewer experience and engage streamers and loyal viewers.
Efficient Solution
Reduced ongoing operational costs for Twitch through the use of popular development languages and serverless cloud technology
High-Quality Design
Our extension reflects the visual experience of Genshin Impact with localisation, design layouts for different devices, and reusable design assets.

The Results

The brand new miHoYo Genshin Impact Paimon extension was developed within a rapid development cycle.

Kablamo designed and built the technology solution for Twitch with AWS cloud-native services and best practices, considering the development of the solution, as well as the ongoing development and support requirements specified by Twitch. By using popular development languages (and serverless cloud technology) ongoing operational costs for Twitch were reduced.

Awards and Recognition for Twitch and the Kablamo Team

“Twitch helped HoYoverse bring Genshin Impact’s beloved character Paimon to life on Twitch with streams across the US, Korea, Spain, Germany and Brazil - resulting in 10.9M minutes watched (that’s 21 years!), 436k in-game code redemptions and our custom emote being spammed 600M+ times in chat!”

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