Data, AI & ML

We help our clients find business value by representing, wrangling and taming complex data sets in delightful ways.

AWS Machine Learning has underpinned key successes, detailed in our case studies. From understanding and predicting customer spend through to transcribing long-lost archival footage, together with AWS we are driving true insights and value for our customers utilising their own data.



Before AI was a buzzword, it was finding meaning in a sea of ones and zeroes. We’ve specialised in this for years.

We’ve specialised in this for years; engineering beautiful digital software on top of large, disparate data sets, driving significant business outcomes for our customers, underpinned by AWS technology.

Kablamo has built a reputation for rapidly delivering high-quality software and data-driven digital products. We have long worked with AWS, refining and developing our approach to all things ‘data’: whether it's AWS cloud-based analytics and data science platforms, or building limitless data lakes along with the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models they power.

Others can design or deliver, Kablamo does both.



We help organisations to design their data strategies and to build highly scalable, secure and automed cloud data platforms. From here, we work with our customers to unlock the value of data, develop new digital products and to build pathways to an AI-enabled future.

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