A Cloud-Powered Transformation Revolutionised An Archive Library Spanning 91 years

ABC: Content Digital Archive (CoDA)

With over 11 million hours of video and audio files spread across multiple siloed systems, a modern archive search experience was long overdue for the national broadcaster and the thousands of content creators, journalists and internal users that relied on it daily. 

The ABC enjoys lightning-fast search, access and editing of relevant content, all of which is securely managed.



Asset Management


[.c-pullout-quote-little-wrapper][.c-pullout-quote]“The process was slow, manual, inefficient and unacceptable, so we had to fix it,”[.c-pullout-quote][.c-pullout-quote]ABC’s Head of Content Management Rebecca Matthews said.[.c-pullout-quote][.c-pullout-quote-little-wrapper]

[.c-link-quote-wrapper][.c-link-quote]Rebecca Matthews at NFSA Digital Directions 2019 - ABC Australia[.c-link-quote][.c-link-quote-wrapper]

[.c-richtext-text-wrapper][.c-richtext-text]In an era where you either go digital or get left behind, the ABC knew it needed to overhaul its entire content library.[.c-richtext-text][.c-richtext-text] Bidding farewell to scattered warehouses, disconnected metadata systems and five on-premise content storage locations that hadn't seen the light of digitisation, the ABC enlisted Kablamo to help create a custom cloud-powered digital platform and search experience that would unlock the untapped potential of the broadcaster's archive media.[.c-richtext-text][.c-richtext-text]The goal was to streamline workflows, enhance efficiency and provide users with an accessible interface that could locate archives in minutes that would ordinarily take up to three weeks.[.c-richtext-text][.c-richtext-text-wrapper]

[.c-richtext-title-80][.c-richtext-title]User-design at the forefront[.c-richtext-title][.c-richtext-title-80]

[.c-richtext-text-wrapper][.c-richtext-text]While the front-end user experience was elegantly customised, the back-end was fortified with reusable components and the might of AWS cloud services.[.c-richtext-text][.c-richtext-text]With user experience at the heart — as it is in all of Kablamo’s work — the team made sure to collaborate closely with stakeholders and product owners to deliver the ultimate solution.[.c-richtext-text][.c-richtext-text]The new platform, Content Digital Archive (CoDA), was constructed using serverless cloud technology, providing a modern foundation for exploring the realms of machine learning.[.c-richtext-text][.c-richtext-text-wrapper]

[.c-richtext-quote-wrapper][.c-richtext-quote]In CoDA’s first six months, nearly two million archives had been uploaded while content had been processed or downloaded more than two billion times.[.c-richtext-quote][.c-richtext-quote-wrapper]

[.c-richtext-title-60][.c-richtext-title]A seamless transition[.c-richtext-title][.c-richtext-title-60]

[.c-richtext-text-wrapper][.c-richtext-text]The migration of data came in two parts. Firstly, multiple metadata sources were merged into a single golden record following a new metadata format designed in collaboration with the ABC and Kablamo.[.c-richtext-text][.c-richtext-text]This iterative process, conducted over three months, involved constant updates and user feedback. The metadata, several gigabytes in size, found its new home in AWS S3.[.c-richtext-text][.c-richtext-text]The second part involved migrating the video, audio and photo media, all aligned with the freshly-minted metadata. Media was put into various S3 buckets with unique prefixes and filenames matching the IDs.[.c-richtext-text][.c-richtext-text]Utilising AWS Machine Learning services, Kablamo implemented Amazon Transcribe. Instead of manually tagging each file, archival content is being ingested and processed for transcription. The ABC audio and video archives, known for their high-quality audio and clear professional journalism, achieved transcription accuracy levels exceeding 90% through Amazon Transcribe. Now, audio and video upload can occur without manual metadata tagging. As well as automatically identifying key tags, it is helping producers find the perfect content quickly and easily.[.c-richtext-text][.c-richtext-text]These synchronised processes moved 3 million records into the CoDA system, totaling 6 petabytes of audio, video and photo content. The initial reliability and effectiveness of this migration strategy meant it was extended to support content ingestion and export for other systems, including live news video desk editing and live radio editing.[.c-richtext-text][.c-richtext-text-wrapper]

[.c-richtext-title-60][.c-richtext-title]The power of digital transformation[.c-richtext-title][.c-richtext-title-60]

[.c-richtext-text-wrapper][.c-richtext-text]Kablamo didn't just deliver, they sprinted ahead. A successful cloud archive search prototype was ready within six weeks, and CoDA hit production within three months.[.c-richtext-text][.c-richtext-text]The legacy storage systems that once held the broadcaster hostage became obsolete, with all content safely housed in the new AWS cloud platform. This not only meant limitless scalability but also granted remote access and substantial ongoing cost savings.[.c-richtext-text][.c-richtext-text]Flash forward to today and the ABC enjoys lightning-fast search, access and editing of relevant content, all securely managed by employees themselves. Archive search time? A mere matter of milliseconds.[.c-richtext-text][.c-richtext-text-wrapper]