Unleash The Forge: Kablamo And Polemos Pioneer Web3 Gaming And Education

Polemos: A GameFi Web3 Platform

Determined to transform into a global powerhouse of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) and reshape employment and education worldwide, Polemos joined forces with Kablamo to craft a groundbreaking Web3 platform, bridging people into the metaverse.

By unfolding this Web3 revolution, Polemos and Kablamo carved a path that transcends boundaries, offering anyone and everyone a ticket to the metaverse where gaming, asset lending, learning and community thrive simultaneously.



Data Design


[.c-pullout-quote-wrapper][.c-pullout-quote]“We’re making our platform the go-to hub for all the ‘GameFi’ excitement. Whether you’re hoping to challenge yourself, win games, or just have fun, we have everything you need to get more out of playing." [.c-pullout-quote][.c-pullout-quote-wrapper]

[.c-richtext-text-wrapper][.c-richtext-text]And today, that’s exactly what it is. Polemos is an education provider, a game asset lender and a thriving community that harnesses the boundless potential of blockchain games and welcomes people into this new online realm with open arms – from novice to veteran.[.c-richtext-text][.c-richtext-text-wrapper]

[.c-richtext-title-80][.c-richtext-title]Design-Led and Technology-Enabled[.c-richtext-title][.c-richtext-title-80]

[.c-richtext-text-wrapper][.c-richtext-text]The initial journey to building a platform like this saw Polemos and Kablamo conduct discovery sessions, user-centered research, interviews, immersive workshops and the meticulous mapping of user journeys.[.c-richtext-text][.c-richtext-text]This end-to-end design process closely considered every facet of the system, aligning user needs with product strategy and business objectives.[.c-richtext-text][.c-richtext-text]Soon after, the world’s first decentralised GameFi platform "The Forge" was born. Intertwined directly with the DAO, it created a marketplace of games, serving as a learning hub for aspiring play-to-earn enthusiasts. Smart contract integration, Web3 possibilities, API connectivity to the blockchain, and the seamless flow of data via diverse datasets were all part of their grand design.[.c-richtext-text][.c-richtext-text-wrapper]

[.c-richtext-quote-wrapper][.c-richtext-quote]Polemos believe in the massive potential of blockchain games and they want to welcome as many people as possible into this world.[.c-richtext-quote][.c-richtext-quote-wrapper]