Accelerating Innovation in Home Loans

The Problem

In the extremely competitive Australian home loan market, customer experience and continuous innovation are critical to uno Home Loans’ success.

uno’s mission is to grow the prosperity of Australian households by helping them find, and stay on, the best value home loan. uno is disrupting the home loan industry by putting the customer first, and using data to continuously discover opportunities for its customers to save.

However, technology moves fast. Cutting-edge technology from three years ago is now redundant. In a small team, it is hard to have experts in every technology field. While hosting exclusively in AWS, uno didn’t have all the skills to gain full advantage of the capabilities that the AWS cloud offers. The team identified a need for a partner to plug the skills gaps and ensure uno could move quickly to keep the leader advantage.

There was also a desire to improve their Agile working, analyse their team structures and overall design standards. This would require some corporate strategic thinking, best supplied by an external organisation.

Our Approach

uno engaged Kablamo to fill their skills gaps, integrating with the internal team and providing guidance on strategy.

We augmented uno’s Agile squads, providing experienced Agile delivery management and iteration management to improve uno’s ways of working. Highly-skilled front-end and back-end developers also worked alongside uno’s development team to re-engineer and speed up application development. Improved testing and quality disciplines were also developed and introduced - including automated frameworks - which has enabled faster product development with more predictable outcomes.

Given how close the two teams would be working together, cultural fit was critical to the success of the engagement. We enacted to quickly understand the business. Because of this, we could adapt training and knowledge transfer to their unique needs.

Sprint velocity, quality and team morale increased
Bringing in support and training teams to reach new levels
Faster product development with predictable outcomes

The Results

Since the engagement, uno is now in a better position to continue its disruption of Australia’s home loan industry and deliver on its mission of growing the prosperity of Australian households. uno has also increased their ability to constantly improve the customer experience and always deliver value.

uno’s sprint velocity went up, the quality went up, team morale went up. They are going live with less bugs. uno are releasing faster, releasing better quality initiatives, introducing less risk, and a better customer experience.

We also consulted on uno’s business strategy and helped prioritise future releases aligned with uno’s goals. We’ve developed a strong relationship and, now, we are partners co-invested in each other’s success. uno have a team of awesome experts (if we do say so ourselves) that they can tap into at any point.

“Kablamo increased the velocity of our business. We had a real meeting of minds very quickly and Kablamo blended into the team immediately,”

- Anthony Justice

CEO of uno Home Loans

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