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Angus Dorney


The La Niña weather cycle responsible for the cool, wet summer we’ve just experienced is over.

Angus Dorney


The horrors of Australia’s bushfires committed many of us in technology to apply our skills to helping reduce future risk to humans, flora and fauna, and property. But without serious buy-in from the fireys and the federal government it won’t work.

Angus Dorney


The newly released, 466-page report on the NSW bushfires identifies that technology is one of the greatest areas of improvement that the New South Wales fire fighting agencies and their partners can undertake.

Angus Dorney


“You have to move as slowly as us.” This was the advice from a government official who was visibly worried by the rapid pace we were suggesting for a tech project. This wasn’t the first time we saw government afraid of moving fast.

Angus Dorney


With fintechs and neobanks posing an existential threat to the Big Four banks, the incumbents are scrambling to launch their own digital ventures to try to fend off the disruptors — but are they doing it wrong?

Angus Dorney


Last week in Australia, we witnessed a spectacular and public implosion of company values from one of the most popular banks.

Angus Dorney


Data is addictive, but should we surrender our Right to Privacy in order to control COVID-19?

Angus Dorney


In business leadership, the conventional wisdom is that one person should be the driving force. Any alternative leadership structure typically is met with eyebrows raised high. As a co-chief executive, it’s the reaction I was expecting...

Angus Dorney


common workplace sayings that people may think are smart, but they are actually dumb

Angus Dorney


Read Angus’s thoughts on traditional consultancies below

Angus Dorney


One year ago, I made the biggest move of my career and joined Kablamo as co-CEO.

Angus Dorney


When the internet challenged the global media industry, companies were confronted with a stark choice — innovate or perish.

Angus Dorney


Sometimes being a high performer in an industry with a bad reputation can be a burden due to what I call Customer Stockholm Syndrome.

Angus Dorney


Today, I join a special group of people who are creating a truly amazing company.

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