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Allan Waddell


On May 6, I jumped out of a plane at 15,000 feet as part of the Black Dog Institute’s CEO Skydive. Stepping out of the aircraft was an absolute thrill and a challenge – but far from the most daunting leap I’ve taken in my professional life.

Allan Waddell


The great promise of artificial intelligence is efficiency.

Allan Waddell


Artificial intelligence (AI), neural networks and machine learning can be ethereal concepts to the average punter, but when applied to the health sector their benefits come into sharp focus.

Allan Waddell


“Co-CEO… how’s that going for you?” This is a question I’ve been asked many times in my first six months sharing the helm of fast-growing cloud software engineering company, Kablamo.

Allan Waddell


Artificial intelligence is taking off. Virtual assistants, computer chips, cameras and software packages are increasingly taking advantage of machine learning to create pseudo-intelligent, versatile problem-solvers.

Allan Waddell


It’s time to chin up and stop grousing that we’re all late to the crypto-currency party. Most of us may have missed our moment to make millions off of Bitcoin, but the technology behind it could eventually save our lives.

Allan Waddell


For all of its naysayers, the world’s first functioning virtual currency, the Bitcoin, has done amazingly well. But its accomplishments are completely unrelated to its price.

Allan Waddell


A few weeks ago Allan published some thoughts on AI in The Australian. What was published came from a longer exploratory piece which makes sense to publish here in full. Here it is...

Allan Waddell


Elon Musk can’t be wrong about artificial intelligence, can he? Well, actually, yes he is wrong.

Allan Waddell


Kablamo's Allan Waddell recently explored the bleeding edge of Artificial Intelligence for The Australian.

Allan Waddell


Our growth hack is built entirely around people. In order to scale a business quickly, we believe you have to create a foundation that is fully human.

Allan Waddell


I’m sharing some of the techniques we use, that drive consistent Agile delivery. These articles are not intended to be exhaustive, rather an introduction to the theories and concepts we apply day to day.

Allan Waddell


Over 9 months, leading the Digital Team within a major enterprise business, we learned many lessons. Here is an overview of three of the key hurdles we faced.

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